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Quality is essential for the success of a business. Thus, to make difference, good quality practices have been embraced by our organization and are instilled within our organization's culture. Marching ahead of competition, we ensure that international quality control methods are employed at each and every level of the business process. All the essential raw-materials to produce Bushings, Bearings, Impellors, Thrust Washers, Hubs, Axles, Leaf Springs, Fabrication Parts, Copper & Aluminium based alloys castings, Proof & Fully Machined Castings for Road Transport, Tractors, Centrifugal & Monoblock Pumps, Machine Tools, Heavy Earth Moving Machinery, Material Handling Equipments, Textile Machinery, Oil & Marine Engines, Boat and Box Trailer Manufacturers. are procured from the vendors who ensure to adhere to the quality standards. We are well known in the domestic as well as international market for our uncompromising commitment to quality from initial stage to final product stage covering the whole manufacturing process. Our technologically advanced research and development team works with utmost dedication and utilize its individual resources and skills to develop innovative products.
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